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Physical Education

The PE program is also Pre-K - 8th. In Pre-K, students discover the fundamentals of studying the human body in motion and experience interaction, movement, and play, as they begin to understand that the mind and body are one. K-5 students experience the relationship between practice (routine, repetition, and intensity), and motor skill acquisition. Students learn how to learn by helping each other. They practice how to organize and cooperate for healthy competition. If conflict arises, students experience how to resolve issues in a constructive manner. Emotions surrounding games and attitudes towards facing challenges are discussed. Every student has the right to feel comfortable in order to learn at their own pace and accept new challenges.


In middle school, the underlining theme is bigger, faster, and stronger. Students continue to learn from each other. The physiological changes resulting from physical activity are discussed in more detail, and how those changes relate to skill mastery. The concept of “perfect practice makes perfect”, is experienced and understood. Students discuss the role of sports in society and practice leadership skills while running student planned physical activities.