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Friday Blog

Mexican Sun Project

Sprouting off the word of the month (kindness) and Mexican culture of the sun, the students made their own KIND of sun. The storytelling behind each sun is emitted through the use of color and creative writing. Students learned how to effectively use primary and complementary colors to evoke emotion and harmony.
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Fifth Grade Historical Fiction Bookshare Presentations

The fifth grade students recently completed their first independent bookshare with a presentation for their parents. Each student read a book which took place during a significant time in history and came dressed in costume to represent the time period from their book. Some of the time periods represented were Colonial America, The Revolutionary War, Westward Expansion, World War II, and The Great Depression. For the presentation the fifth graders each read a favorite passage from their book and shared a paragraph they wrote on whether or not they would have wanted to live during the time period of their book. Most of the students decided they would rather live in 2016!
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Students Learn About Puerto Rico

The 5th grade Spanish class had a very special visitor last week. Isabel Darby's grandma, Ana Amelia Mendez, joined us to teach us about Puerto Rico where she was born. Senora Mendez spoke of the cultural aspects and demographics of the island. We also learned about the ecology and eco-tourism on the island. It was a joy to have Senora Mendez share her insight and bring some new material to Spansh class! Muchisimas gracias a La Familia Darby!
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