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Why Saklan?

When students feel connected and are engaged with learning, they become confident. They achieve success not only at a higher level but a meaningful level, both academically and personally. Saklan graduates are well prepared for both high school and life - becoming courageous, engaged, respectful, collaborative, and kind young adults. 

Because the power of connections is crucial to helping students challenge themselves to reach new heights academically and personally.

Because experiential learning makes learning meaningful and engaging, sparking curiosity through hands-on projects both in and out of the classroom.

Because having regular opportunities to challenge oneself within a compassionate and supportive community builds confidence to take risks and express oneself.

“The school provides a top-notch education which includes how to be a caring, articulate, confident human. I wish I could have gone there as a kid, I can’t imagine a better place to learn.” ~Saklan Parent

“Students are supported daily in their academic and social-emotional growth, encouraged to embrace curiosity, take care of themselves, and define their role in cultivating a kind, caring, respectful community.” ~Saklan Parent