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Mid-Year Transfers


Whether it’s in the fall, winter, or spring, changing schools is a significant decision for families. Deciding to make a move mid-year can be even more challenging and stressful. Sometimes parents get transferred to a new job unexpectedly, or sometimes parents are dissatisfied with how the school year is going for their child. No matter what the reasons are for a change, The Saklan School is always open to adding students during the school year if there is space in the grade of interest. 

We encourage parents to come on a tour as the first step if they are considering an immediate transfer for their child. Not every school is the right match for every family, but during a tour parents discover if they can envision their child thriving at Saklan. If they feel encouraged by what they learn, parents can apply online for their child. Part of the application process includes a visit for the applicant. This year those visits are done individually and after school hours.

Students at The Saklan School are warm and open to new classmates. They establish close relationships with each other in class and often operate like siblings. During a COVID-free admissions season, when a prospective student comes to visit, our children get excited to meet and get to know the visitor. Typically applicants leave the visit day feeling like they have made new friends and already belong to our community. This year may look different, but we hope that the individual meetings with teachers will still form meaningful connections for our applicants.

Parents can begin our online application process here. Once parents submit all of the required paperwork, we will set up a visit. After completion of the application and visit, the Admissions Committee meets to make an enrollment decision.