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The Saklan Approach

The Saklan approach begins with our size. Being small has amazing advantages, especially inside the classroom. With small classes, we can honor each student's authentic interests and talents.

Teaching isn’t confined to the written lesson, or the standard objectives of the curriculum. Our project-based, hands-on curriculum provides Saklan teachers the ability to tailor units of study to student's authentic curiosity, focusing on exploration and the process of discovery. Students master confidence, through expression and individual development as they become effective, competent, and caring members of society.

Classrooms also thrive on compassion and social-emotional learning through collaboration. We create an engaging atmosphere for all to benefit by encouraging students to share their knowledge and learning strategies, treating each other respectfully, and focusing on high levels of understanding. Collaboration helps students listen to diverse opinions, support knowledge claims with evidence, engage in critical and creative thinking, and participate in open and meaningful dialogue.

Our classroom extends beyond our school through the Saklan focus on experiential learning. Students collaborate and receive feedback on their work from experts in relevant fields, deepen their understanding of the content, and generate new questions by engaging with the world outside of the classroom in ways that are authentic to the classroom curriculum. Through fieldwork, a lifelong love of learning and capacity to reflect on their process is developed.

At The Saklan School, we believe the best teaching comes from connected educators having a deep knowledge of each student. Our teachers use their knowledge of the students to make learning authentic and sustain student interest and inquiry over extended periods of time. When the focus is on the student as an individual, the teacher can easily care for the academic, social, and emotional growth starting in the early years and leading into early adolescence.

You’ll find the learning environment at Saklan focused on providing a well-rounded atmosphere. Spanish, Music, Art, Physical Education, and Library, all enhance a student’s ability to discover more about themselves and the world around them. Saklan is a place where students are safe to take risks, reach beyond one’s comfort zone, and discover true passion. From the first day of school, to the last, students can expect to receive dedicated teacher support, understanding, and encouragement.

The Saklan approach IS smaller classes, larger world. We invite you to come and see for yourself.