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Our Mission

The Saklan School's mission is to challenge students to think creatively, act compassionately, and live courageously.


Think Creatively
Take risks, make mistakes, and become a brilliant problem solver. We provide many different kinds of learning opportunities, enabling our students to investigate connections across subjects, and between the classroom and the real world. Collaboration allows more sharing of information and ideas that may stimulate further understanding or exploration.


Act Compassionately
Just as important as thinking creatively is viewing life from another’s perspective. Our nurturing school community encourages students to look beyond themselves and act. Making mistakes is celebrated as an opportunity for growth, accountability, and self-reflection. Community service projects, Family Groups, and our class buddies all serve to build empathy and spark an awareness of the importance of being part of a community where everyone feels they belong.


Live Courageously
Learning at Saklan is more than academic. Creating a safe learning environment allows our students to actively participate in classroom discussions, share perspectives, present findings, ask questions and think critically. Performing on a stage, traveling with classmates, and presenting to an audience are vulnerable acts that are only successful in a supportive environment. Our students take risks because they know they are safe to do so.