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    •    B.S. Elon University
    •    M.A. Montclair State University


Since joining The Saklan School in 2007, Vickie has made science her passion with a BS and an MA in Environmental Education. She wants to allow every student to ask questions about the world around them, see the relevance of what they are learning in their life and find science fun! In the science lab, Vickie works with students in grades K-4 as their Science Specialist. K-4 students visit the lab twice a year, fall and spring, for a 3-week unit each time. Students engage in activities that require them to work collaboratively, think independently, experiment, and problem-solve. The 5th grade students transition to visiting the science lab for their entire science curriculum and continue to enjoy the challenging and interactive activities and labs. In middle school, she sees the students 5 times a week, and incorporates labs, lecture, simulations, hands on activities, research, field trips and other activities to bring concepts to life.  Students are also put face to face with the concepts they are learning by attending experiential field trips (Marin Headlands in 5th, Yosemite in 6th, Hawaii in 7th, and Great America: Physics Day in 8th).


Vickie started teaching while in college as a lab assistant and later at environmental education centers, teaching how the environment works and how people play a role in the health of their surroundings. She not only teaches at The Saklan School, but also shares her love of science with others during the summer. For the past four summers she has taught for Sallie Ride Summer Camp and A+ Middle School at Stanford University and UC Berkeley, teaching such topics as: Forensics, Engineering, Robotics, Marine Biology and Astronomy.