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Message from the Head of School

Creative. Compassionate. Courageous.

While these words are at the heart of our mission, they are also adjectives used to describe our students. All independent schools have a mission statement, but few have a student body that prides itself in personifying that vision. Our students are continually asked to step-up into roles and accept challenges out of their comfort zone. They take pride in caring for people as well as seeing the world through the eyes of others - all this while approaching learning and problem solving with an emphasis on risk-taking, reflection and creativity.

Saklan is a progressive school that valued project-based and student-centered learning long before those terms came into vogue. The school understands the importance of striking the right balance between hands-on learning and strong academics. Saklan’s program implements project-based learning in a manner that gives every individual an opportunity to explore their passions within each curriculum area. This intrinsically motivates students to achieve high standards due to their personal connection to their learning. Our approach, coupled with a rigorous curriculum, creates deep, authentic learning experiences.


Moreover, Saklan understands that students thrive in an environment where children are not only challenged but nurtured. Our small class size gives us the opportunity to know and value each learner as an individual and to discover what inspires them. It is in this type of environment that children grow, not just academically, but in the words of one of our parents, “as good people... becoming the best version of themselves.”  

If I had to boil down the feeling at Saklan to one word, it would be Family. In an atmosphere of high expectations, we approach our life’s work with love, continually nudging our students towards becoming more reflective learners. Much like a family, our parents, teachers and students pull together to help each other overcome life's obstacles. In short, we look out for each other, establish relationships that extend beyond the classroom and ensure the success of every member of our family.

I invite you to contact us and visit our campus. At the very least, you will  gain a perspective on how Saklan blends strong academics with hands-on learning to develop learners that are “good people.” At the most, you will decide that our Family is right for yours.   

Warm regards,Picture of David O'Connell

David O'Connell