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Distance Learning

Saklan is proud to have students from Pre-K through eighth grade back on campus for in-person learning for over a year now! A distance learning option is not available for this year. However, in the spring of 2020, extraordinary times called for extraordinary measures. When Saklan needed to close campus rather suddenly on March 13th due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our faculty and staff worked together to plan carefully and thoughtfully. We never imagined we would not have our students back on campus this year.

Our response at the time was nimble and robust as we switched to distance learning in less than 48 hours. Our teachers continued to adapt and improve their programs as the weeks turned into months. A survey of our current parents by Independent School Management revealed that Saklan’s remote learning program excelled and was well balanced and engaging. 

While we are pleased with how well we responded to the COVID-19 Crisis and our approach to remote learning, we do not underestimate the value of in-person learning. The collaboration, cross-grade interaction, and specialist schedule are critical to student growth and social-emotional development. We cannot predict if and when there will be another spike in infections moving forward, we are pleased to currently offer in-person learning for all our students. Given the uncertainties, we are planning for various scenarios moving forward including a return to remote learning. To keep up with our latest updates, please click here.

David O’Connell

Head of School

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In Their Own Words

“We are quite proud of The Saklan School in how it immediately stepped up and transitioned into distant learning. I love how a lot of elements are included that I didn’t think were possible (scavenger hunts that lead to laughter, group games in Spanish, daily subject meetings on top of the class meetings, etc). We are extremely grateful.” – 5th Grade Parent 

"The fact that my children get to zoom daily with their classmates and connect with their teachers is priceless. In the craziness of this Covid-19 pandemic, my kids have time each day to be seen and heard by the teachers and classmates they have spent all year learning to trust and make connections with. It may seem like a small thing, but it goes a long way. I know it grounds my children and gives them a glimmer of normalcy and connection that we cannot undervalue." - K and 3rd Grade Parent 

"Thank you for the individualized attention you have given to the most important things in my life during an unstable time. For the individual phone calls, zooms, parent meetings, feedback, time, love, creativity and extra work. For learning how to navigate online learning, for training us. For your patience and love and encouragement and smiles and for the beautiful moments of human interaction that I know will not only become lifelong memories for my kids but are lifelines for them each and every day." - 5th Grade Parent 

"We are so grateful for all you are doing! For all of the teachers and staff who are helping our children experience growth and learning during this crisis!" - 7th Grade Parent

"I know three things; my child is loved at Saklan, my child is getting the best education possible at Saklan, and my child looks forward to returning to Saklan. That is enough for me. I’d hate for staff to be stressing, you need to take care of yourselves. You are doing the best! As well as the amazing curriculum you are delivering our kids. They are learning resilience." - 6th Grade Parent

"You guys are amazing and I’m so thankful we are part of a school like Saklan where my son is still learning and being enriched." - 7th Grade Parent