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News from the Sports Court

The first half of Trimester I has been busy for the students of physical education. While building strength for the mile run, the older children have become familiar with the trail behind the school, have gained skills in the use of jump ropes, and have relaxed while using hula-hoops. The addition of the new meteor climbing structure has also been exciting.

Another exciting addition this year has been the hop-scotch tournament. Thirty-nine students and adults started the competition a few weeks ago and this week we were down to the final eight. The finals concluded on Thursday and the champion will be announced during next flag.

The next competition will be a hula-hoop contest. Twenty-two adults and children have entered this event and they will hula-hoop around their waists till the hoop drops. This will take place on Friday, October 21st, during lunch time recess.

Finally, sign-ups have begun for The Saklan Cup Intramural Futbol Tournament. 

Good luck competitors. Let’s go Saklan!